Ochsner Academics Announces Post‐Doctoral Research Fellowship Recipients For 2020

18 Oct 2019

Ochsner Academics has named eight recipients for post-doctoral research fellowships at The University of Queensland Ochsner Clinical School.

Post-Doctoral research fellowships provide a unique opportunity for recent doctoral degree recipients to remain engaged in clinical, translational, and health services research while they await the start of their residency program.

“This was a very competitive year for the post-doctoral research fellowships and we are incredibly proud of these highly-qualified recipients,” said Dr Dodd Denton, Assistant Dean for Students, Ochsner Health System.

The 2020 fellows will work with leading clinicians and clinician-scientists across a number of disciplines including cardiology, global health, nephrology, and oncology. 

The post-doctoral research fellowships are from January 6 to May 29, 2020.

The 2020 Fellows and their research studies are:

Raza AhmadRaza Ahmad

“Combination therapies for colon cancer targeting tumor initiating cancer cells.”

Mentors: Dr. Li Li and Dr. David Margolin, Colon & Rectal

Shourjo ChakravortyShourjo Chakravorty

“Identifying Risk Factors Specific to Left Atrial Thrombus Formation in Patients with Atrial Arrhythmias Found by Transesophageal Echocardiogram.”

Mentor: Dr Sangeeta Shah, Cardiology

Elizabeth ChoElizabeth Cho

“Molecular Analysis of Renal Cell Carcinoma Metastasis.”

Mentor: Dr Stephen Bardot, Urology

Greg DesrosiersGreg Desrosiers

“The Reluctance to Prescribe Newer Drugs to Treat Patients with Cardiovascular Disease.”

Mentor: Dr Mark Effron, Cardiology

Sagan GillSajan Gill

“The Impact of Patient Education to Define Value in Cardiovascular Imaging.”

Mentor: Dr Merrill Stewart, Cardiology

Olivia ManayanOlivia Manayan

“Lift Your Spirit and Reduce Your Weight: A Pilot Study of a Faith-based, Community Weight Loss Program.”

Mentor: Dr Yvens Laborde, Global Health

Evan O'KeefeEvan O'Keefe

“Comparative effects of recommended doses of EPA (ethyl ester) vs EPA+DHA (triglyceride) on the Omega-3 Index.”

Mentor: Dr Carl “Chip” Lavie, Cardiology

Vipin VargheseVipin Varghese

“Urine cast composition and diagnostic utility in acute kidney injury.”

Mentor: Dr Juan Carlos Velez, Nephrology


For more information on post-Doctoral research fellowships at UQ-OCS, contact Dr Courtney Parke at courtney.parke@ochsner.org