Global health is local health: A multidisciplinary perspective of COVID-19

8 July 2020

Medical students Angelica Hinchman, Diab Ali, Bailey W. Goodwin, Monica Gillie, Jacob Boudreaux and Ochsner Clinician Dr Yvens Laborde publish a paper called: Global Health Is Local Health: A Multidisciplinary Perspective of COVID-19 in the Ochsner Journal. 

In this paper, they review the multidisciplinary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic across the healthcare system.

From a local focus on New Orleans to a global perspective, they relate how rapidly changing healthcare policy, evolving use of technology, and social media dynamics played roles in perception and response to the pandemic.

They reflect on the perspectives of evolving national health policy, public health demands, impact on mental health, strain on primary and emergency care, and the emergence of telehealth on a global and local scale.

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