Award recognizes our exemplary Emergency Medicine Interest Group

21 April 2021

The UQ Ochsner Emergency Medicine Interest Group has won the 2020-2021 American Academy of Emergency Medicine Resident and Student Association (AAEM/RSA) International EMIG of the Year Award.

The award is to honour exemplary performing EMIGs on an international and regional scale as well as the individual student leaders who work tirelessly to organize valuable opportunities for their EMIG members.

Dr Amelia Wise, 2020 UQ Ochsner EMIG president and now Emergency Medicine resident at Cape Fear Valley in North Carolina, said she is incredibly proud and humbled to win the award.

“The road to residency is tough, but we’re all in it together and student interest groups are a way to bring together those students who are interested in pursuing a particular speciality,” Dr Wise said.

“As an International Medical Graduate, we need to prove to residency programs that we are no different than our US counterparts.

“That means doing well on away rotations and talking to programs about our school, USMLE Step 1 pass rate and match rate. In addition, networking is paramount in obtaining residency interviews.

“The UQ Ochsner EMIG provides mentorship, lectures, hands-on training, and information to guide students to a successful match.

"We also run a southeast medical student symposium that invites students interested in Emergency Medicine for a full day conference with lectures, speakers, simulations and networking with residency programs.

“These activities really do matter and we're proud to say that our school has had many successful matches into Emergency Medicine, and several at top ten programs.” Dr Wise said.

“Not only do we match into competitive residencies, but we do well when we get there, with several of our residents moving into chief resident positions,” Dr Wise said.

The UQ Ochsner EMIG will receive an AAEM/RSA membership box for all members, a plaque, recognition in Common Sense and on AAEM/RSA website.