Medical student mobilization during a pandemic

by Peter Ayoub, Donald Chang, Nadia Hussein, Kali Stewart, Amelia Wise, Iman Malik, Katherine Robbins, Bryan Savage, Melissa Johnson and Sangeeta Shah

Third and fourth-year medical students are at a junction where we are learning to transition from students to team leaders.

Although institutions have an obligation to protect students from harm, a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking and clinical practice skills.

We are ideal candidates for identifying and addressing gaps in healthcare because of our training in fundamental patient care we've received throughout our time in medical school.

Medical students nationwide have shown their determination and resilience through service projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We expect to see similar tenacity in the event of future disasters.

Read our published paper in the Ochsner Journal about how we, the medical students at the Ochsner Clinical School, responded to COVID-19.

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Last updated:
11 September 2020