Living in Brisbane

Young, energetic and entrepreneurial, Brisbane has a diverse population and can-do attitude.

Current UQ Ochsner students, Autumn and Tom take us on a tour of the River City. Join us as they:

visit local hot spots

meet the wildlife and

soak up the famous Gold Coast beaches.

Get to know the River City

To help you get settled, start with the basics.

Things to do

Brisbane is jam-packed with events and activities all year round.

Brisbane offers a raft of activities for energetic bodies and minds.
With a superb selection of fine-dining and countless casual eateries, Brisbane caters for all tastes.
Discover Brisbane's creative scene. Immerse yourself in art, festivals and music.
South-East Queensland is your launch pad to some of the world's most amazing natural wonders.

Places to go

Queensland is a place like no other on Earth – discover everything it has to offer.

Gold Coast
Plan a day trip or weekend getaway, with golden beaches, lively nightlife and designer boutiques aplenty.
Great Barrier Reef
Snorkel, scuba dive or take a scenic flight over the world’s largest coral reef, which stretches over 2300 kilometres.
Fraser Island
Discover the world's largest sand island by sand or sea, and catch a glimpse of turtles, dolphins and whales passing by.