The University of Queensland-Ochsner MD program is only available to citizens of the United States of America, or permanent residents of the United States of America. Entry is competitive based on MCAT, GPA and multiple mini interview (MMI).

Admissions criteria is listed below. For more detailed information about the program please visit the University of Queensland-Ochsner MD program page.

Entry requirements

Applicants must in their final year, or have completed their most recent degree to apply. The Academic Calendar in Australia differs from Schools in the United States in that it runs from February to November each year. Please keep this in mind when applying to indicate the most appropriate entry year.

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:


A minimum score in MCAT of 504 is required. Please note that a score of 504 is not a guarantee that you will receive an offer. This is a very competitive program and the final cut-off MCAT scores may be higher than 504. The MCAT must be gained in the three years preceding the year of commencement.

2. GPA

B average in your Bachelor or Masters degree, which must have been completed within the ten year period preceding the proposed commencement date.

3. Interview

Please see below for information on our Multiple Mini Interviews.

Please note applications will not be assessed on resume, extra-curricular activities, essays, or letters of recommendation.

How to apply

Academic pre-requisites

Applicants applying for entry into the UQ-Ochsner MD program are not required to have completed a specific program, or degree of study. The current cohort comes from a range of backgrounds including arts, humanities, sciences, and economics.

It is recognised that science, biomedical science or health sciences degrees are good preparation for medical study and a subsequent medical career. The Faculty of Medicine has therefore introduced subject pre-requisites for applicants aiming to begin the program in 2022.

From 2022, applicants will be required to have successfully completed two subject pre-requisites.

  • Applying for 2020 entry: No prerequisites required
  • Applying for 2021 entry: No prerequisites required
  • Applying for 2022: All graduate entry applicants need to have successfully completed the two subject pre-requisites or equivalent when enrolling into the UQ-Ochsner MD program as medical students.

Recommended study

If you are applying prior to the prerequisites discussed above, and have not completed a  science, biomedical science or health sciences degree, we recommend that you enrol in some biomedical science subjects. This will ensure you are adequately prepare for the medical program. 

If you have not yet completed your undergraduate degree, you should ensure that you are able to satisfy the subject pre-requisites and undertake Biostatistics and Anatomy during your undergraduate degree.


Eligible applicants will be invited to participate in a Multiple-Mini Interview (MMI). Invitations to interview are based on MCAT, GPA, and places available.

Learn more about MMI's

English proficiency

If you completed high school or a degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) in The United States of America, you will meet the minimum English language proficiency requirements as listed below.

IELTS overall 7; reading 7; writing 7; speaking 7; listening 7. For other English Language Proficiency Tests and Scores approved for UQ, view the English proficiency policy.

Visa requirements

International students who are accepted into full-time study in the Doctor of Medicine (MD-Ochsner) program are eligible to apply for an Australian student visa.

The Australian Government has simplified the visa application process. Now, all international students apply for the Student Visa (subclass 500).

There are a number of requirements you must satisfy before a visa is granted. Find out more about the visa application process.

2019 class demographics

  • Gender: 55% male, 45% female
  • Average age: 25
  • Terminal degree background: Bachelors 81%, Masters 19%
  • Average GPA: Masters Degree 3.56, Bachelors Degree 3.39
  • MCAT average: 508