We are currently accepting applications for our class beginning in January 2021. Applications for January 2022 will open in November 2020.

Doctor of Medicine (2021 Intake) COVID-19 Contingency Plan

We are aware that some applicants have been unable to sit the MCAT due to the impacts of COVID-19, including test cancellations. To ensure these applicants are not unfairly affected, we have implemented a COVID-19 contingency plan for our 2021 Doctor of Medicine intake. 

  • Extended validity period of MCAT from 3 years to 4 years. 
  • Applicants can apply without an MCAT score, but will be required to provide confirmation of a test booking.
  • UQ will assess eligibility and invite to interview based on GPA.
  • UQ will issue conditional offers: Applicants will require a minimum score of 504 and satisfy all admission requirements to receive a confirmed place, noting that this is subject to availability of places.