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Living expenses

Going to university can mean more costs that just course fees. Accommodation, books, study materials and transport are all common expenses that can be overlooked.

Brisbane and New Orleans are both considered to be much cheaper locations for students compared to other major cities in Australia and the United States, but you'll still need to plan and budget carefully.

To help you plan for your time at UQ and Ochsner, we've compiled some helpful cost of living information you can use as a guide in estimating your budget while studying with us.

Brisbane living costs

Brisbane is one of Australia’s cheapest major cities for students to live in, and careful budgeting will help your money go further.

Find out more on Brisbane living costs.

New Orleans living costs

New Orleans is ranked as one of the Top 5 Least Expensive Cities for Households in the United States but you'll still need to plan and budget carefully. As a US student, you will be more familiar with the cost of living in New Orleans than Brisbane but to ensure you can plan ahead, the Ochsner Medical Student Association has prepared a basic guide on the approximate cost of living in New Orleans.

  • Accommodation: $500-1,000/month. Apartment complex housing tends to be more expensive than duplex houses or shotguns 
  • Utilities: $125-250/month
  • Internet: $40-60/month (split between housemates) 
  • Groceries: $50-$100 per person/week
  • Phone: $15-$75/month 

Ways to save money

  • Buy in bulk from Costco or Sam’s Club and split the cost with roommates 
  • Look for happy hours and special meal deals that are frequently available in New Orleans. 
  • Spend time wandering around at the free festivals, art shows, and music instead of spending money on events at venues. New Orleans has an average of 400 festivals a year, so there is always something to go to. 
  • Use your Winn-Dixie rewards card to save on gas, or purchase your gas at Costco or Sam’s which is typically 30 cents cheaper than anywhere else 
  • If you live with a few roommates shopping at Costco and splitting the cost can save a lot of money