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More than just a degree

Studying medicine at UQ Ochsner offers opportunities that are far removed from a lecture theatre or hospital ward. We believe in the value of work-life balance and holistic student well-being. Have a flair for the dramatic? Get involved in Med Revue. Love team sports? Join one of our med sports teams. Interested in (more) travel? Experience a rotation in South-East Asia.

Our students are engaged and supported in activities and endeavors as diverse and unique as they are, because we believe well balanced doctors are better doctors.

Learn about the opportunities provided through the UQ Medical Society (UQMS) and Ochsner Medical Student Association (OMSA).

Missions in Haiti

As a part of the Medicine in Society Health Project in Phase two of the program, five students have the opportunity to travel to a resource-limited Clinic in the Haitian Countryside. 

Students are based at self-sustained medical clinics in regional towns. They are supervised by board certified physicians and local staff and see up to 100 patients a day – in stark contrast to the 15–20 patient average in an American clinical setting.

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Student life blog

Our students represent the next generation of global health leaders and they’re passionate about creating change. Meet the students and discover what has inspired them to pursue a career in health and research which could affect millions of lives.

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UQ Medical Society

UQMS is a not for profit organisation that aims to serve over 1800 medical students enrolled at the University of Queensland. Their goal is to enrich the medical student experience and provide members with once in a life time opportunities to develop skills, friendships and life long memories.

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Ochsner Medical Student Association

Ochsner Medical Student Association (OMSA) represents the student body in matters related to their medical education. Academics, research, community outreach, and social events are a few of the facets of student life in which OMSA is involved. 

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