UQ-Ochsner MD

Our unique model allows students to train across two continents, leveraging the strengths and resources of two respected institutions. Together, we aim to produce graduates who are critical scientific thinkers, socially accountable, and driven to be global leaders in health care.

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Phase 1

Clinical preparation is completed in Brisbane, Australia in years one and two of the program. You'll study basic and clinical sciences, research, ethics, public health, and more.

  •  Integrated case-based learning with early patient contact
  •  Evidence-based and quality-driven clinical skills training
  •  Access to a wide range of student support
  •  300+ days of sunshine

Followed by

Phase 2

Hands-on clinical practice at the Ochsner Clinical School in Louisiana in years three and four. 10 core areas, including pediatrics, surgical and medical specialties, and critical care.

  •   Dedicated USMLE preparation course
  •  Incorporate research into your medical degree
  •  95.4% match rate for 2019
  •  #1 music city in the USA

Graduate outcomes


Our graduates secure residencies in highly competitive programs, at leading hospitals across the US.

  •   95.4% match rate for 2019
  • Top 1 choice: 41%
  • Top 3 choice: 70%

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