Meet Gracy

"I get to study aboard here in Australia but also I get to end up back at Ochsner which is exactly where I want to be for my medical education."

Meet Brian

"It was insightful to see what it is like hands-on, and I didn’t want to limit myself to just one place, I wanted to expand my knowledge and my boundaries."

Meet Jonathan

"I got accepted into the master of philosophy program, and I'm working on a project that I had started with my personal surgeon back in the United States."

Meet Hannah

"I went to graduate school in New York at Columbia University for a year, worked again, doing research and
then decided to give this program a go. 

The clinical skills that we have acquired at UQ have been phenomenal. We're exposed to clinical settings in our first year."

Meet Andrew

"The clinicians at Ochsner provide some of the best educational experiences you can ask for. They come from top end US hospitals."

Meet Nifesimi

"One of the biggest things I used was my mentor. Mentors are something that you get before you get here and they're able to tell you about the ins and outs of being a medical student in Australia and at UQ."

Meet Michael

"New Orleans is a fun city, it's got a pulse to it. There's a festival to go to nearly every single week. There's great food and great music, and there's always something to do."

Meet Samantha

"My advice to future medical students would be to put yourelf out there - get to know your patients and practice clinical exams because you'll learn a great deal more. You'll also be a huge help to the team you're working with at that time."

Meet Bhumit

"My experience so far at medical school has been great - there is such a strong emphasis on the clinical aspect. It's great to get away from the classroom and into the hospital setting. It kind of gives us a preview of what's to come and kind of lets us practice our skills so we can extend what we're learning in the classroom."

Meet Stephen

"I feel as if I've been able to get very hands-on training and do certain things that perhaps I would not have been able to do as a 2nd or 3rd year medical student in the United States."

Meet Rohit

"Having had education in two different health systems has really given me a global perspective in the way I wish to practice in the future."

Meet Bhumit

"Never would I have imagined that I would go to Australia, move across the world for two years and be the person that I am today."

Meet Brian

"In many ways, the experience that we had in Australia was a talking point at many of the (match) interviews. The University of Queensland has a strong reputation
globally and Ochsner certainly within the United States is a well established institution and one of the top hospitals."

Plastic Surgery - Carilion Clinic, VA

Meet Katie

"In 1st and 2nd year we do a lot of physical exams and really hands-on with patients - I think that sets the UQ-Ochsner students ahead of the game because they can approach patients easier and therefore they can learn faster."

Internal Medicine - Ochsner Health System, LA

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Meet Imran

"I felt like moving through the process all the tools were there. We were given all the opportunities to do what we needed to do to get those program interviews and successfully match. I got my first choice program, I had a great education, I had the time of my life, made lifelong friends and I got my dream job."

Emergency Medicine - Kaiser Permanente, CA

Meet Brian

"I chose UQ because of the ability and the chance to learn medicine on two separate continents, in two completely different healthcare systems."

Internal Medicine - Ochsner Health System, LA