New Orleans is ranked as one of the Top 5 Least Expensive Cities for Households in the United States but you'll still need to plan and budget carefully. As a US student, you will be more familiar with the cost of living in New Orleans than Brisbane but to ensure you can plan ahead, the Ochsner Medical Student Association has prepared a basic guide on the approximate cost of living in New Orleans.

  • Accommodation: $500-1,000/month. Apartment complex housing tends to be more expensive than duplex houses or shotguns 
  • Utilities: $125-250/month
  • Internet: $40-60/month (split between housemates) 
  • Groceries: $50-$100 per person/week
  • Phone: $15-$75/month 

Ways to save money

  • Buy in bulk from Costco or Sam’s Club and split the cost with roommates 
  • Look for happy hours and special meal deals that are frequently available in New Orleans. 
  • Spend time wandering around at the free festivals, art shows, and music instead of spending money on events at venues. New Orleans has an average of 400 festivals a year, so there is always something to go to. 
  • Use your Winn-Dixie rewards card to save on gas, or purchase your gas at Costco or Sam’s which is typically 30 cents cheaper than anywhere else 
  • If you live with a few roommates shopping at Costco and splitting the cost can save a lot of money

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