White Coat Wednesday: Ellen Giddings

29 Jun 2022

This week on White Coat Wednesday, we sit down with Ellen Giddings, a third-year UQ-Ochsner medical student.

Originally from New York City, Ellen shares her unusual journey into medical school. She completed a Bachelor of Arts at Oberlin College in Ohio and was passionate about painting and sculpting. She tells us how her interest for Medicine resurfaced and motivated her to enrol in a premed postbac certificate at Columbia; and work as a scribe in an emergency room before applying for the UQ-Ochsner medical program.

We talk to Ellen about the social support available once in Brisbane including UQ-Ochsner peers, mentors, case base learning tutors, academic advisors and student societies.

Ellen shares her tips on finding the best neighbourhood to live in and how she used to get around the city on buses and ferries.

She talks through the curriculum in more detail and tells us about the great work life balance she was able to achieve in Brisbane.