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Three students in white coats

White Coat Wednesday: Sumayyah Khan

White Coat Wednesday
Published 1 Feb, 2023  ·  1 minute

On this episode of White Coat Wednesday, we meet Sumayyah Khan fourth-year UQ-Ochsner medical student and aspiring Neurologist.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, she grew up close to her grandparents and became the “family junior doctor”, helping to take care of them through health issues. Sumayyah shares the path that led her to a Major in Neuroscience and the mentor that truly sparked her interest in Neurology, before starting medical school. We find out what she enjoyed about her two years in Brisbane and what the early clinical exposure added to her medical student experience.

As President of the Ochsner Medical Student Association Student Interest Group in Neurology (OMSA SIGN), Sumayyah gives us an insight into the depth of the Neurology field and what opportunities students can pursue in the student interest group. Find out more about OMSA SIGN.

Watch UQ-Ochsner White Coat Wednesday: Sumayyah Khan on YouTube.

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