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White Coat Wednesday: Dr Charles Sisk

White Coat Wednesday
Published 4 May, 2023  ·  1 minute

On this episode of White Coat Wednesday, we sit down with class of 2022 UQ-Ochsner graduate, Dr Charles Sisk.

We discuss how his passion for research developed over time and his “non-traditional” path to medical school. Charles completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado Boulder, followed by a Master of Science at the Teachers College, Columbia University, focusing on adversity and how it impacts paediatric outcomes. He worked as a High School Science Teacher before entering the UQ-Ochsner MD Program.

Since graduating in November, he has been working at Ochsner Health as a post-doctoral fellow and diving deep in his research project around the lack of access to emergency contraception in the post- Roe/Dobbs era and implications for maternal morbidity and mortality. Charles is collaborating with his now mentor, Dr Frank Williams, a maternal foetal medicine specialist at Ochsner Baptist, whom he met during his optional elective at the end of the third year of medical school. He is also working with Dr Beth Glenn, a Research Fellow at the Ochsner-Xavier Institute for Health Equity and Research who is another driving force behind the research project.

Dr Sisk share the highlights of this fellowship opportunity before commencing residency and his hopes to Match at Ochsner, which we now know came to reality.

Watch UQ-Ochsner White Coat Wednesday: Dr Charles Sisk on YouTube.

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